Dibyanshi and Hardik from Odisha Champions in National Collectors Championship- 11122020

Bhubaneswar- In a press briefing, Chairman of National Human Welfare Board Trust and the Chief of the Jury team that judged the entire National Collectors Championship 2020 declared two National Champions of the event. The championship had drawn interest from collectors from all over the country. Dibyanshi Behura and Hardik Bhammar declared as the national champion in Bal and Yuva Sangrahaka respectively.

This was the first of its type of competition in India, which gave scope to a wide range of collectibles. The keen interest it had generated among the participants from all over the country was an indicator that the hobby of collecting different items and curios is as popular as it was in yesteryears. While the general opinion was that collecting stamps, coins, curious was on the decline, the response from all classes of people, of all ages and with diverse and varied items has proved that many youngsters and seniors have keen hobby instincts.

The participating members had submitted the on-line collections ranging from matchboxes, newspapers, pens, medals, cards, toys, wrappers, inkpots, cameras etc. While there are many stamp and coins collections, interests were also seen in other unique items.

Due to the Corona crisis, the present competition was a virtual one, with participants submitting short videos of their collection along with write-ups. The Jury Board, comprising of eminent collectors and record holders from all over the country judged the submissions. Two classes of entries, the Baal and Yuva Sangrahak for the age groups of 5-18 and 19-35 years respectively had been formed and the prizes have been awarded accordingly.

Dibyanshi with her collection

The National Human Welfare Board Trust (NHWBT) has plans to hold the next exhibition in a physical form with participants displaying their collections. This will popularize hobbies among children and youth.

Dibyanshi Behura with her philumeny collection grabbed the championship being the champion Bal Sangrahak followed by a tie between the 1st runner up in Dwij Khanna (Cricket cards) and Sukriti Nandan (Bangles) again a tie for the 2nd runner up between Yash Mahajan (pencils collection) and Kanishka Malik (Philumeny).

Hardik Bhammar with his collection

The butterfly Collection of Hardik Bhammar flew with the Championship title “Champion Yuva Sangrahak” followed by the Toothpick Collection by Raj Dhingra which grabbed the 1st runner-up. Again it’s a tie for the 2nd runner up between Prangya Paramita Mantry (Chocolate wrapper) and Sohini Hazra ( Philately).

Chairman Sarada Prasad Mohapatra and chief of Jury Anil Dhir along with the jury team and the Programme director Paperman India Shashanka Sekhar Dash congratulated the winners and declared that the special awards. The awards will be sent to the Collectors very soon in their address.

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