Banjan Kalasibira will coninue till 15th October- 11102020

Umaria- Banjan Kalasibira will continue till 15th October 2020. This is a rare art exhibition by Ashish Swami, founder JanganTasbir Khana, Lodha village Umaria. He will completed the exhibition with art of Mahakabya Raghubansham by Mahakabi Kalidas. In the camp you find all the artists are from Baiga tribe family.

The Baiga tribes are found in some part of Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh. They depends to forest for their livelihoods. They are very moody to work. If they have mood they will do all the works in few times. If they have no moods then it will take many times to complete the tasks.

In Lodha village of Umaria there are some Baiga tribe families. Earliert they did tree cutting and desi wine marketing for their livelihoods. But Ashish Swami changed their livelihhods as artists. He trained them and they learned the art. Now some members of Baiga family of Lodha are create their name in the field of art. Now they earned with a dignified way.

Jundhia Bai one of the artist aged about 80 now a proud member of the group. He designed so many art after training. Her name also nominated for best civilian award Padma Shri to central govt by Umaria district admninistration.

The art exhibition start on 9th of this month and it will till 15th October. During the time the artists will produce 19th potrait of Raghubansham. The potrait will show case for public at Kalidas Sanskruta Academy, Madhya Pradesh Sanskruti Parishada, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh.

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