Jajpur district Seva Sangh tribute to the Gulwan martyrs- 03072020

Jajpur- Jajpur district Seva Sangh  tribute to the Gulwan martys at Mulapal Square near Kuakhia adjacent to the NH5 with all Covid guidelines. The members have extended their tributes in tear for our Martyrs of Gulwan. In this regards a silent prayer for them to pay homage was being offered by the Sangh.  As per information they had burned the Kusha putla of the China President with the slogan of Jay Hind, Jay Shriram & China president hie, hie. They had taken an oath through a declaration that to boycott all the China items and requested the people surrounding them to support the Indian Government, Ashutosh Parida in his speech told that today time will come firstly we should have uninstall all the China app that has been banned by the Central Government for why China is totally face the financial crises where we will teach them in the digitally stroke. All the Countries have seen the surgical strike of our Air force. Our Modiji ready to teach China for this type of nonsense activities,  Dr.Prafulla Giri on his speech added more words about the present scenario. Besides them Kanhu Dash, Soubhagya Mishra, Laxmidhar Pati, Natabar Sahoo, Prasanta Maharana, Ashok Dash and many eminent workers of the Sangh were present. Report- Suresh Kar, Bari

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