Oriflame solidifies its commitment towards the water, climate, and forests in Environment day- 04062020

Bhubaneswar- Oriflame, leading direct-selling Swedish beauty brand, believes that t all of us, individuals and companies, are capable of making a positive impact on the vast natural bounty that surrounds us. The brand is committed to following sustainable business practices and reducing the impact on three strategic areas: water, climate, and forest.
Water being one of the most important manufacturing ingredients, Oriflame deeply cares about natural waterways and oceans. In light of the water scarcity around the world, the brand has reduced its use of water per unit during the production process at its manufacturing sites by 18%as compared to 2015. In line with its unwavering mission of protecting the world’s water bodies, Oriflame’s Love Nature’s rinse-off formulations are silicone-free, biodegradable, and use only natural origin exfoliating particles. In fact, since 2016 Oriflame has stopped manufacturing rinse-off products with plastic microbeads and only uses 100% natural exfoliants.
Furthermore, Oriflame’s wellness factory in India is designed to reuse 100% of its water. Finally, focusing on the protection of marine life within the waterways, Oriflame supports sustainable fisheries and sources itsOmega 3 from- Friend of the Sea. Over the past decade, the brand has reduced its harmful CO2 emissions, championing a reduction of 48% since 2010. Currently, the operations at the brand’s manufacturing sites and offices are powered by 100% renewable electricity generated by solar, wind, and hydro (water) supplies. Further, the company is distinguished for only using alcohols of natural origin in its fragrances, thereby underscoring its commitment to using natural raw materials to reduce the negative impact on the climate.
Speaking on its commitment, Mr. Naveen Anand, Senior Director, Regional Marketing, Oriflame South Asia, said “As a Swedish beauty brand, care for the environment is rooted in our DNA. Our products are 100% safe for you and the planet we inhabit – a fact that we will always be proud of. At this juncture, it gives me immense happiness to wish the world a Happy Environment Day!”

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