Malini Jain, a passionate collector with lawer profession- 23052020

Limca Record holder with brother

Malini Jain a Delhi based lawyer working mainly in Supreme Court of India and various high courts and tribunals across the country. For over a decade she has worked all over India handling legal matters as her profession but her panache for creative skills especially as a collector has never died down. She contributes an equal amount of time to her hobbies like philately, dancing and doing social work to help the society.

Amongst the few collectors in the country today, she has redefined collection as a hobby with her creative approach towards this there uptick skill in the stressful times of today’s lifestyle. Her distinctive collection of irregular shaped postage stamps, collected over a period of three years, found a place in Limca Book of Records in 2012. She has stamps of different shapes and sizes from various issuing authorities in India and abroad.

Her passion for collection doesn’t stop only to stamps. She along with her elder brother, Rimanshu Jain has been collecting various Namokar Mantra articles (Jain-sect chant) from 2009. Rimanshu Jain, like her sister is also a passionate philatelist and a collector. He is running his family business of construction and development in New Delhi but his busy schedule has never stopped him from pursuing his hobbies and skill as a collector.  This unique collection created by the brother-sister duo is vibrant, distinctive and colossal in it consisting of the mantra inscribed on the articles likes wind chimes, key rings, calendars etc. The prolific siblings’ duos have 151 single Namokar Mantra and 126 in duplicates.  Both these records were maintained by them for two consecutive years and they continue to devote time for the same. According to the Jain siblings, their mother’s undying support and encouragement from time to time always proved to be their biggest motivating factor to create such records. Apart from this, the siblings are actively involved in social welfare and contribute significantly to serve the ones in need. They have organised various charity drives.

Malini has even pledged to donate 10% of their yearly income as donation every year to different NGOs she has been supporting from years. She is the Legal Representative of various NGOs like My Angels Academy, Sahara Sangati etc. which is part of her many but voluntary endeavours. As a lawyer also, she has handled many pro bono cases and has been closely associated with National Legal Services Authority, Delhi State Legal Services Authority etc. to help legal aid reach those for whom the wheels of justice spins very slow. Whereas Rimanshu has provided significant funding to various organisations culminating in successful events for raising funds for numerous social causes.  According to them “Serving humankind is like serving God, do your bit and help the people in need in whatever, whenever and wherever you can”.

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