Amazon India has adjusted its practices with WHO guideline- 16052020

Hyderabad- In order to ensure safety of its associates, employees, partners, and customers, Amazon India has adjusted its practices with WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines.  Amazon India has added close to 100 changes in its on-ground operations to maintain social distancing in its buildings and ensure safe deliveries for customers. Following guidance from World Health Organization (WHO) and local authorities, Amazon India has adjusted its practices within all its operations sites including Fulfilment Centers, Sortation Centers and Delivery stations through new formats of communications, process changes, new training methods and several policy changes.

From having face covering available for all associates to wear at sites and while out on road making deliveries, to use of additional personal protective equipment as required depending on role and implementing temperature checks across operations in India, here are some of the key adjustments that Amazon India has taken to ensure social distancing and safe deliveries to customers. Amazon India has adjusted its practices so that teams can always maintain a safe distance from co-workers. This includes shift from on-ground meetings to virtual stand-ups, announcements using public address systems, cab occupancy policy changes and safety ambassadors at several entrances to maintain social distancing guidelines. The maximum occupancy in canteens and common areas has been reduced and the tables in the break rooms have been spread out to maintain safe distance between employees. A new token system in canteen, a 2 tray process at snack stations, water dispensers and vending machines at 2m distance have been introduced to adhere to social distancing guidelines in all common areas. This includes changes in the way items are picked, packed and bagged to ensure a minimum of 2m distance following social distancing guidelines.  At the time of delivery, associates now do contact less deliveries and place the order at customer doorstep to avoid any physical contact.

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