Lock down diary:- The Man Who Always Live Outside Gets the Experience of Staying at Home – Paperman India Shashanka- 27042020

Lockdown has brought some new experiences for everyone, while giving me a unique feeling of being at home. I used to not stay at home half a month for office work, while the other half was outside from home from 9am to 7pm. But now I am at home for the full 24 hours said paperman India Shashanka.

“At first I thought time would not pass,” he added. It would have been better if I had visited to my village of Jajpur in Bari Arangabad. Time would have passed with my collected newspapers in the village. The newspaper would have had time to organize it according to language, country and state. When my office Indian Grameen Services (IGS) announced the work from home, it was time to cut it. ”

By collecting newspapers, Shashanka has established himself as paperman India. He has recorded five Limca Book of Records, one India Book of Records and one Credentials World records for newspaper collection.

Now that he has woken up in the morning, he has been walking on the roof for some time after completing his daily routine. When the son wakes up, he throws him on his back and hits another 4/5 rounds. The wife and son are doing some exercise. It is now my turn to worship home God. Since the inception of Lockdown, he has submitted a quarterly report, three case studies, one training PPT, one training module, one business plan and several other small reports.

In particular, he has already been able to store various data on the hard drive. When you search for data, it will be found immediately. Every day he talked on the phone with members of the Mangalajodi Ecotourism Trust and colleagues (Odisha and Madhya Pradesh).

From time to time, the government and our office are sending instructions about COVID-19 and urge others to comply. At home, I and my wife, Radharani, and son, Saibrata, are fully observed the government’s instructions. Even though the market is only 1 km away from the house, I do not go there. We are keeping the vegetables from the Thela that is coming to the house. We are collecting other items from the small grocery store in the colony.

Efforts are underway to fix some of the newspapers that were collected here. A new program came to the mind. Now I have to do something new. Earlier, I published a short booklet on newspapers called “Khabarkagaja Aneka Katha.” Now plan for a directory on newspapers. First I would like to do this for the daily newspapers published in Odisha. This work has begun to some extent. I will do this only based on the data that I have collected. It will have a mast head photo of each newspaper with its details. It will be a little different from other directories. It is my hope that this will provide the general reader, researcher, journalism student and others with a detailed research of the newspaper.

Lockdown has taught everyone something. It also taught me a lot. I could not have imagined that there would be so much time at home. A lot of work can be done in addition to collecting newspapers while staying at home. From time to time, I can help my wife with cooking, help her son with various toys, teach his son, play with his son, and so on.

One thing to say to everyone, stay home and stay healthy. Corona doesn’t come to our house. We go to the market and call him, so we don’t go to the market or bring Corona. Wear a mask if you need to go. After returning, sanitize your hands or wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.

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