Mangalajodi is the best place for wildlife photographer- 24042020

Bhubaneswar- Mangalajodi, a small picturesque village of Odisha is now the best place for wildlife photographers. They got clear and good photo of both migratory and residential birds. That’s why now the Mangalajodi became a hub of wildlife photographers during the winter.

Mangalajodi is situated on north-western fringe of Chilika Lake, Khordha, Odisha. It known for its marshes and water fowl. Normally, the lake hosts more than 200 species of birds during the peak winter season, of which around 115 are migratory. As 60 percent of villagers are fisherman so people’s livelihood is dependent on fishing and other farm based activities. Poaching of birds, was also another activity, in which village people were involved, 2 decades before. Royal Bank of Scotland Foundation India (RBS FI) and Indian Grameen Services (IGS) has partnered with the objective of protecting and developing this once deteriorating ecosystem to a birds’ paradise while providing economic benefit to the local people who once earned their livelihood from hunting migratory birds.

In 1980’s the people of Mangalajodi start hunting the migratory birds and earn their livelihoods from it. When the nature lovers and government started the recovery plan and gave some conservation fee to the hunter then slowly the poaching activity stopped and bird numbers increase. Then it is famous for the nature lover, bird researchers and wildlife photographers. Every year more than 2000 wildlife photographers visited the place for capture some good moments of migratory as well as residential birds.

As report said by annual waterfowl census of Chilika the bird population increased from 5 thousands to 3 lakhs. In 2020 January report the number of birds at Mangalajodi is 301012 while total number of Chilka is 1105040. Wildlife Photographer Dr Nillohit Mukherjee from Kolkata said that I come with friends this place every year and got new snaps of the winter guests. The place is where we got more close snaps than other wildlife areas. He also recommends many people and photographers to visit the place.

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