Mangalajodi – a winter home of birds- 19042020

Bhubaneswar- Mangalajodi is one of the entry points to Chilika lake which is the largest coastal lagoon in India and second largest brackish water lagoon in the world.  It  is a silent, serene and sublime sensation with varieties of residential and migratory birds. Mangalajodi  is  a wetland which is known  as distinction of  bird’s paradise,  heaven of avian fauna, Important bird Area and also poachers turns protectors village. Due to swampy area It is emerging as on excellent habitat for migratory and residential  birds. Here reed beds in shallow water and marsh vegetation provide an ideal habitat for a wide variety of avian fauna. Every year when winter comes the migratory birds fly in from  far off lands like Siberia, Europe, Pakistan, Ladakh, Bangladesh, Mangolia and Afganisthan etc. In October this place turns into a heaven for these feathered guests who come foraging for food and shelter from thousand of miles away. They take twenty one days  fly off to reach Mangalajodi.  The bird starts arriving in the mid October and stay almost till March  before they proceed again towards their breeding grounds. Few of birds, which are sick or separated from the flock , stay back and lay their egg s in the month of june- july.  Almost two fifty varieties of birds visit Chilika, out of which Mangalajodi  boasts  of almost one hundred forty-seven  varieties. Ninety-three  species are residential and fifty-four  are migratory. Some bird are vegetarian and some are non vegetarian. In non vegetarian they prefers to eat snake.  In winter the variety species of residential bird like Asian open bill Stork, Kingfisher, Egret, Little Cormorant, Pond Heron, Moore Hen etc.  and In migratory bids like God wit, Bar Headed Goose, Large Whistling Duck, Black wing stilt, Brahmani Shell duck  etc are maneuvering the tourists.  In 2012 Bar Headed Goose first sighted . in 2017 Indian Night jar and this year after 23 year two rear species of birds sighted named as Australian Stilt and Albino Swamp hen.

Mangalajodi, a quaint  village is known as “poachers turns into protectors”. A one time this village  was  a busy hunting ground is now  paradise for avian fauna. Many people was adopting as poachers for  livelihood. But in 2008 with the joint venture of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) and IGS  (Indian Grameen Services) a  Ecotourism model was developed. Mangalajodi ecotourism  convert the poachers into protectors with a lot of counseling, motivational talks  and livelihood assistance to villagers with the help of Chilika Development Authority. The community  of Mangalajodi  transformed themselves into boatmen, guides, auto rickshaw drivers, shop keepers , laundry men, cooks  etc through Mangalajodi Eco-cottage to host the tourists.  Today, Mangalajodi boasts of twenty autoickshaws, ten to tweleve four wheelers and shops, and one hotel, two home stay , one resort that cater to the tourists and eco-cottage. Now Mangalajodi turns a model village for  conservation. This village  is also  famous for its boat manufacturing units and skilled labour which makes fishing boats .

Mangalajodi  is a best destination for nature lover , where you will rejuvenate. The marshy wetlands embody serenity and recreate you from  your tired mind  and body.

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