Former SP’s plea against corruption, shoes are polished in front of police station- 261019

Bhubaneswar- People from all sections of society, including students, youth political party leaders, participated in the cleanliness drive through various rallies, gathering committees and carrying a broom in their hands, chanting the cleanliness slogan in the main intersection roads and streets. The city of Balasore, known as the missile city of the country, was also painted in the glory of Gandhi Jayanti. Amidst all this, a former SP was seen polishing a shoe in front of Sahadev Khunta police station. This former SP, named Ujjwal Kumar Brahma, was busy in protesting against the cleanliness issue in the police department and expressed his opposition. A few days later, he was again seen in front of the office of Balasore SP, protesting and polishing the shoe. After asking the question why you are polishing the shoe, he said that from Gandhi Jayanti, I decided that cleaning only the way or the mohalla will not bring cleanliness in the society because the corrupt police department will also have to be cleaned. Referring to an incident in this contact, he said that today the general public has started clipping on going to the police stations because the red eye and misbehavior of the police is not hidden from anyone. The same thing happened to me. I went to the police station in one case but did not get justice. Who will listen to the general public when a former SP is not heard? That is why, as I am 70 years old, I chose the only way to oppose it, that I will burn the shoes and make the general public aware.

Brahma said that I had distributed different kinds of saplings to the guests coming to the wedding of both my daughters, for this purpose, people will enjoy fruits and flowers along with environmental protection. He told that the policemen should be characterful, dutiful but today the police have forgotten all this. He said that the shoe is polished because the shoe is worn down and cleaning is necessary from the bottom to the top of the police department. Today the policemen sit in the police station with AC which is illegal. Brahma says that in the name of installing computers, where is the justice of the policemen to sit in the AC, whereas the fan does not run properly instead of sitting in the police stations. If he believes that in the days to come, he will continue his protest in front of the office of several senior police officers in front of the office of several senior police officers through shoe polish for the purpose of making the said department clean.

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