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Pilibhit- The country is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi this year. Many events are being organized across the country. Mahatma Gandhi has influenced people not only in the country but in the world. He has a long series of theories and ideas. There is also a Gandhi lover in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh. Who have a wide range of collection of things related to Gandhi.

Kaleem Athar Khan, a collector of Pilibhit, has a collection of rare postal stamps, currency, match boxes, rubber, newspapers and now he has collected items related to Gandhiji. His passion for Gandhi is revealed by this, he has dozens of statues of Gandhi. So he has all the stamps issued on Mahatma Gandhi, all the coins and notes issued on Gandhiji.

Kaleem Athar Khan, inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, started collecting his life and things related to him. Kaleem currently has a collection of various amazing things and he will continue to grow it. They believe that unless any hobby exceeds the depths of the mind, it is not called a hobby.

Kaleem’s collection has a variety of sculptures of Mahatma Gandhi. Which consists of brass, copper, wood, plaster of Paris, silver and other metals. Mahatma Gandhi’s Pocket Watch (watch), Crisp badge with Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait, cups with Gandhi’s portrait, postcards issued on Gandhi bearing cancellations of various places. In his collection, 10 commemorative coins ranging from 20 paise to Rs 10 issued on Gandhi.

The number of 583 released from the country abroad includes the first day cover and special cover of the postal department. Kaleem has a collection of rare photographs of Gandhi, a memento, a project file containing Gandhi’s portrait is part of his collection. He also has a collection of 376 books in Gandhi literature based on Gandhi’s life and written by Gandhiji. More than 1608 numbers issued from abroad, country, miniature sheet, pencil and pen with Gandhi ji’s picture slogan, one to thousand issued in new and old series based on Gandhi ji and 10 to 2000 in new series of bank notes. Complete compilation.

Kaleem has also included in his collection those items which are considered among the favorite items of Gandhi ji, small and big size Geeta book which Gandhiji always kept with him and based his life on it. A thread of garland of yarn, a note of 1000 rupees printed in silver metal, a copper plate made in 1961 in which the figure of Jai Bharat and Gandhiji is made. This plate was awarded as honor. Gandhiji’s portrait was made, cutting of newspaper articles of more than 415 articles written on Gandhiji’s life, Mahatma Gandhi’s sketch made of pencil, Gandhi’s picture engraved on aluminum sheet, Khadi released in Delhi 2011.

The postage stamp on cloth on which Mahatma Gandhi is made, Gandhi on kites, ‘Harijan’ newspaper issued on September 8, 1946, Mahatma Gandhi ji edited and published this paper. Device was launched in 1933. The collection also includes three monkeys of Gandhi. These monkeys are also called proverbial monkeys i.e. cosmic monkeys. This monkey was gifted to Gandhiji by a delegation from China, the first monkey who is a Mizaru monkey who has closed both eyes. Second Kikazaru monkey – he has kept the ears closed with both hands, the third Ivajaru monkey has kept his mouth closed with both hands.

In the collection of Kaleem, the Dandi March or Salt March by Mahatma Gandhi, where the post offices of Mahatma Gandhi stayed everywhere and everywhere issued special covers from everywhere on the 75th anniversary of Gandhiji, is also in the compilation of all the cover Kaleem.

The CD of the film “Gandhi”, based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, is also in the collection. Apart from this, there are also calendars and many materials released on Gandhiji in the collection of Kaleem. Kaleem will showcase this collection at the exhibition Gandhi Expo 2019 held in Lucknow on October 2. Kaleem has true tribute to Gandhi in his 150th birthday.

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