Paperman appointed as International Gandhi Peace Ambassador by Gandhi Peace Foundation of Nepal- 030919

Bhubaneswar- The Gandhi Peace Foundation of Nepal has appointed Shashanka Sekhar Dash as the International Gandhi Peace Ambassador for India. The Gandhi peace Foundation of Nepal is an international body which promotes the ideals of the Mahatma Gandhi, propagating non-violence, tolerance, global brotherhood and world peace. 

Shashanka, popularly known as the Paperman, is the Limca Book of Records holder for the largest collection of different newspapers of the world. His collection has been adjudged by the Guinness World Records too and he will soon qualify for the world record too. He belongs to a family of Gandhians, his grandfather having participated in Gandhiji’s Harijan Padayatra in 1934. He belongs to Bari area in Jajpur district, his village being on the path of the Mahatma’s epic Padayatra. He has been brought up in the ideals of the teaching of Gandhiji from a young age. He has set up a private museum in his village with his father’s name at his village Arangabad, where his collection of newspapers is kept. He is also the author of one book on newspapers and is a prolific environmentalist and social worker.    As the Gandhi Peace Ambassador, he will undertake many programs on the 150th anniversary of the Mahatma’s birth. In November this year, he will re-enact the epic Harijan Padayatra from Puri till Bhadrak, walking on the path that was taken by Gandhiji and stopping at all the places where the Mahatma had stopped.

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