After 12 year another journalist selected Magsaysay from India- 020819

New Delhi- After 12 year another journalist from India selected the prestigious Raman Magsaysay Award for 2019. Ravish Kumar, the senior TV journalist of NDTV will get in the last day of this month at Manila. In the year 20107 senior Journalist P Sainath got this prestigious award.

Ravish Kumar is the managing editor of NDTV, who puts topics related to Indian politics and society boldly in front of the public. With the changing times, his image has become an anti-government journalist, which also has to suffer the slightest threat. Ravish Kumar’s full name, Ravish Kumar Pandey, was born in Champaran, Bihar. He studied history from Delhi University and later enrolled in IIMC. He left journalism and then MPhil’s studies with IIMC in the middle. She does a prime time show in NDTV

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