People of Odisha paid tribute to Kalpana Dash, the first female climber of State- 020619

Bhubaneswar- The body of the first woman climber of Odisha, Kalpana Dash, was brought to Kalinga Stadium after reaching Bhubaneswar airport on Sunday morning. Here Sports Minister Tushar Kanti Behera paid tribute to Kalpana Dash. To pay tribute to Kalpana Dash, there is a crowd of thousands of people and sports lovers in the stadium complex. After paying tribute to the people, the body of Kalpana was taken to his native village, Dhenkanal, where people paid homage to the last glimpse of people. After this the body was taken to Puri, where the funeral was done according to the law.

It is worth mentioning that Kalpana reached New Delhi on Saturday after post mortem in Kathmandu. His body was supposed to reach Bhubaneswar on Saturday night, but the flight carrying Kathmandu carrying his body was delayed and it arrived late at the Delhi airport. An official of the State Sports department said that delayed due to the arrival of the body from Kathmandu, due to the departure of the Delhi-Bhubaneswar flight. The first flight from New Delhi to Bhubaneswar reached in such a way.

According to his family sources, after completing the formalities in Base Camp, Lukla, the body was brought from Kathmandu to Delhi. The bodies and documents were handed over to the three-member team of Odisha, including Kalpana’s brother Pradeep Dash. The Odisha government is carrying all the expenses which have been made to bring the body of Kalpana back to the state.

It is notable that Kalpana is the first woman climber in Odisha, climbing Mt. Everest. On 23 May, for the second time, she was climbing down the summit after successfully climbing Mt. Everest that his life was lost. Her body was recovered on 28th May and she was taken to Kathmandu on May 31.

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