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New Delhi- The country’s largest festival Lok Sabha election has been started and every party is claiming its own claim. But, a voter does the job of fulfilling those claims. How important is a vote for the election. All of us can guess about it. In this link, there is a voter from Himachal Pradesh which is called the first voter of the country. Those who are considered to be the first voters of the first election of 1951 and they are included in the voters list. At present, new voters must teach them the importance of the vote. Let’s talk. Some stories related to these that surprised everyone. The country’s first voter Shyam Negi will cast his vote on 19th May 2019 as the last and 7th phase of 2019 general election. On that day there will be elections in Himachal Pradesh including Kinnaur.

Shyam Saran Negi age 102 years Wrinkled face and weak body Cannot move two steps without a stick After walking a few steps, they feel that they need to breathe. Let us tell you that in the beautiful village of Kalpa, about 280 km from Shimla, in the wooden house of Kinnaur district. When he sits on a chair, there are snow-covered mountain peaks behind him. When a series of things starts, they mention all those things which have influenced their lives. Shyam Negi, despite his age and physical problems, is once again excited to participate in the festival of democracy. The famous Nagi, the first voter of independent India, is also known as the living legend of Indian democracy.  Negi recalls in his low voice, I voted for the first time in the parliamentary elections in October, 1951, after which I did not miss a single election. I know the importance of my vote. Now my body is not even accompanying, but due to self-determination, I have been going to vote. This time also we have to use franchise. Maybe this is my last choice. Negi says, yes, I remember that day. It was the big day of my life. Smiling on his face, he smiles. Voters were cast in Kinnaur on October 25, 1951, during the first election of Independent India.

Shyam Saran Negi further said, I had to make my election in school. But my vote was in my village Kalpa. I had come to your house one night ago. Early in the morning, got up and ready. At 6 o’clock in the morning, went to his polling booth. I waited for the polling party when they came and I requested them to vote for me, because after this I have to go and make an election in Moore which is 8 to 10 kilometers away. Those people let me vote for half an hour before the scheduled time at 6 p.m. Since then, Nagi did not miss a single election, whether it was the election of the panchayat or the state assembly elections or the parliamentary elections. Indeed, in the village where Negi lives, there are 928 of total voters, 467 women and the rest of the men. Negi confidently says that I have never wasted my vote. But this time I am 102 years old, my health is not well. I cannot stand on my feet due to age. My legs begin to falter. I get tired and cannot walk. Eyesight has also diminished. In spite of all this, if the health is not much worse then I will go to vote. Negi was born on July 1, 1917. He is the most powerful voter of India. He never realized that one day young voters will be given an example to motivate them. Negi says that when a 102-year-old man like me can go to the booth to vote, then why cannot others go? Of course, young people can learn this from my life. Negi was among the voters who voted in the first election, and after that he did not miss any election. The EC has also confirmed it with its archive data. State Chief Secretary Manisha Nanda affirms this, who was then the chief election officer. Negi was later honored by Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla. Chawla had come to Kinnaur especially to honor him.

Memories of the freedom movement

Negi explains that his condition is weakening, but there are some memories associated with India’s freedom movement. Negi recalls about leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri and Subhash Chandra Bose. At that time we used to vote for Congress. The Congress had an important role in the independence movement. But later when the Congress was caught in corruption and failed to remove poverty, the Janata Party became popular. What is India’s biggest problem? Poverty and hunger in Negi’s eyes is a big blot for the Indian government and especially the Congress. Apart from this, Negi considers the issue of unemployed as big. Since 1975, Negi is living a retired life and most of the time listens to the radio in his room. They say life has become quite lonely. I do not know how long it will work, but have done so much that will go away with dignity.

Election Commission has detected Negi?

Shyam Saran Negi’s son CP Negi explains that he does his own work himself. Only when they are sick are help my father’s will power is very much. They talk to children and tell about things related to their life. Prior to the elections, there are plenty of media, including foreign TV channels, to meet. Because of the popularity of Negi, his village Kalpa has also become a tourist center. The State Government started several schemes for this village and declared it a heritage village.

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