BJP topped the registered criminal case candidates in 4th phase of Odisha election- 280419

Bhubaneswar: BJP topped the list of criminal cases in the fourth phase of Odisha elections. According to the report prepared by Odisha Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), 72 out of 346 candidates, who are contesting elections in Odisha Legislative Assembly, have declared criminal cases against themselves and declared 52 serious cases are. Criminal prosecution. In the percentage, it is analyzed of 334 candidates out of 224 candidates, there are criminal cases for the fourth phase and 16% have serious criminal cases. While the BJP has the highest number of criminal cases and serious criminal cases, the ruling BJD of Odisha is second and third is Opposition Congress. In major parties, 24 (60%) out of 41 candidates from BJP, 12 (31%) out of 40 candidates, 15 (39%) of Congress candidates and 1 (3%) candidates came out from BSP.

Of the 334 candidates analyzed by ADR, three candidates have declared cases related to the murder (Indian Penal Code Section-302); 11 candidates have declared cases related to the attempt of murder. (Indian Penal Code Section -307) , 8 candidates have been declared cases related to crime against women such as husband or relative of husband of any woman subject to cruelty (IPC Section-498A) And intend to insult the woman with her coercion or criminal force (IPC Section-354). However, Odisha Election Watch and ADR have not analyzed 12 candidates because their affidavits were either badly scanned or uploaded in full affidavits on the ECI website. In the fourth phase, 98 crorepati candidates.

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