Jagannath Temple has been looted and attacked by foreign invaders 17 times- 100419

It is written in 5 languages ​​in a rock plate at the gate of Jagannath temple that only Hindus are allowed to enter here. To understand the reason for this, we talked to people related to the temple administration. On behalf of the temple services, we were told that Jagannath temple was plundered 17 times by foreign invaders. In particular, Muslim sultans and emperors repeatedly attacked Odisha to destroy idols of Jagannath temple. But these assailants could not destroy the idols of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra, three idols of Lord Jagannath Temple, because the priests of the temple repeatedly kept the idols hidden. Once the idols were concealed in Hyderabad even outside the state of Odisha.

The first attack was done by Sultan Ilyas Shah of Bengal in the year 1340

The first attack to destroy the Jagannath temple was done in the year 1340 by Sultan Ilias Shah of Bengal, at that time, Odisha was famous as the Utkal Pradesh. Naresh Narasimha Dev III of Utkal empire fought with Sultan Ilyas Shah. Sultan of Bengal, Ilias Shah, blew a lot of blood in the temple complex and killed the innocent people. But King Narasimha Dev succeeded in saving the idols of Jagannath, because the idols were hidden on their order.

Second attack

In the year 1360, Sultan Feroze Shah Tughlaq of Delhi made a second attack on the Jagannath temple.

Third attack

The third attack on the temple was carried out in the year 1509 by Ismail Ghazi, commander of Bengal’s Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah. At that time, Odisha was ruled by Suryavanshi Pratap Rudradev. As soon as the news of the attack came, the priests hid the idols away from the temple, in the island of Chilka Lake, present in the Bay of Bengal. Pratap Rudradev defeated Bengal’s Sultan armies in Hoogly and forced to flee.

Fourth attack

In the year 1568, the biggest attack on Jagannath temple was done. This attack was done by an Afghan attacker, named Black Mountain. Once again the idols were hidden in the island of Chilka Lake, after the attack. But still the attackers destroyed some temple idols and destroyed them. In this attack, the architecture of the Jagannath temple is greatly damaged. These years were decisive in the history of Odisha. After this year’s war, Odisha came directly under Islamic rule.

Fifth attack

This was followed by a fifth attack on the Jagannath temple in 1592. This attack was done by Sulaiman, son of Osman and son of Kuthu Khan, son of Sultan Isha of Odisha. People were brutally killed, statues were polluted and temple property was looted.

Sixth attack

In 1601, Mirza Khurram, commander of Nawab Islam Khan of Bengal, attacked the sixth attack on Jagannath. The priests of the temple hid the idols through a boat through the Bhargavi river in a village near Puri in Kapileswar. She was shifted to other places to save the idols.

Seventh attack

The seventh attack on the Jagannath temple was done by Hushim Khan, the Subedar of Odisha, but before the attack, the idols were hidden in the Gopal temple in Khurda. This place is about 50 kilometers away from the temple. The temple also suffered a lot in this attack. In 1608, idols were brought back to Jagannath temple.

Eighth attack

A Hindu warrior who worked in the army of Hashim Khan was the eighth attack on the temple. There were idols in the temple at that time. The temple money was looted and it was turned into a fort.

Ninth attack

The ninth attack on the temple was done by King Kalyan Mal, son of King Todd Ram, who was involved in the navratanas of Mughal emperor Akbar in 1611. This time too the priests hid the idols in an island present in the Bay of Bengal. On the temple

Tenth attack

The 10th attack was done by Kalyan Mal, the temple was badly plundered in this attack.

11th attack

The 11th attack on the temple was carried out in the year 1617 by commander of Jehangir Jehangir, Mukarram Khan. At that time, the idols of the temple were concealed in a place called Gobapadar

12th attack

The 12th attack on the temple was done by Mirza Ahmed Beg, Mughal governor of Odisha in the year 1621. Even once Mughal emperor Shah Jahan visited Odisha, the priests had hidden idols.

13th attack

In the year 1641, the temple was attacked on 13th. This attack was done by Mirza Makki, the Mughal governor of Odisha.

14th attack

The 14th attack on the temple was also done by Mirza Makki.

15th attack

The 15th attack on the temple was made by Amir Fateh Khan. He looted diamonds, pearls and gold in the temple jewelery.

16th attack

The 16th attack on the temple took place in 1692, on the order of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb had ordered the temple to be completely demolished, then the Nawab of Odisha was Iqram Khan, who was under the Mughals. Ekram Khan looted God’s gold crown by attacking Jagannath temple. At that time the statues of the Jagannath temple were concealed in the temple of Bimala in Shrimandir.

17th attack

On 17th and the last attack on the temple, in the year 1699 was Muhammad Taki Khan. Taki Khan was the nb sub-parcel of Odisha from 1727 to 1734. Idols were concealed this time and were shifted to other places continuously. Idols for some time were also kept in Hyderabad.

After the weakening of the Mughal empire in Delhi and the strength of the Marathas increased, the crisis on Jagannath Temple came to an end and gradually returned the glory of the Jagannath temple. Due to the survival of idols of the Jagannath temple, the invaders never succeeded in their plans. Local people of Puri have always been struggling to save this temple. People of Odisha consider Lord Jagannath being a miracle to stay safe in the temple.

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    My soul is at the revered feet of Lord Jagannath. I had the privilege of having visited the Puri Dham for the first time on the 7th. of January, in the evening, this year and was blessed by my Lord with his Darshan along with Prabhu Balabhadra and Maa Subhadra Devi. My Lord , Prabhu Jagannath favoured me once again, after a few days of the first visit , with another Darshan, in the evening. My entire soul yearns for yet another Darshan of my Lord.

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