Odisha Needs a strong government, so change the present one, PM Narendra Modi- 290319

Narendra Modi at Koraput

Koraput- . Odisha needs a strong government. So now the time to change the present one said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But Opponents need a forced government. Because they want to dominate the under developed.  Addressing the public meeting here Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this Chawkidar has come among you to take blessings of all of you. PM further said that I bow to the martyr heroes of Koraput and Odisha. In 2014 when I came among the people of Odisha, I had said that I will not leave any stone unturned to serve you whole heartedly. As a chief servant, my efforts have been to ensure that there is no defect or lack of any kind in my efforts. In these five years you have shown me direction and showed me direction. I am very grateful for this. I have come to thank the whole Country. I was able to do a lot of things like Odisha’s respect. Congratulations to Odisha for mother Kamla ji, who preserved the paddy seed for honoring Padmashree.

PM Narendra Modi at Koraput

Your servant has left no shortage for the development of Odisha. The people of the country have the right to my success of 5 years. Turn off the protesters with the voice of applause. This new India has the power of new confidence, on which the whole country is proud today. Those who see this achievement of India are looking small, their story and doing is also seen by the whole country. Even when India takes action against terrorists, enters them into the house, they even seek evidence. The public has full faith in the action of the Indian Army, but our opponents are not. It’s been a month, Pakistan is engaged in counting corpses and these people are seeking evidence. When you go to the polling booth on the day of voting, you will make a clear mind that you have to decide that you want a terrorist who wants to kill the terrorists in the house or want a government to hide their head. The public should decide whether the decision-making government needs it, or the sloganeering government only

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