All India Election King Dr K Padmarajan, who contested 175 times in election- 290319

India’s most unsuccessful candidate, who contested 175 elections, but did not win one.

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New Delhi: The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is near. There is an election season and there can be no election, it cannot be so. This news is full of interesting facts about election. This news is about a person who calls himself ‘All India Election King’. The reason for this is also special, because he has contested 170 elections till date, but he has not been successful in any election. His defeat also made a record work. His name has also been registered as ‘India’s most unsuccessful candidate in the Limca Book of Records and Guinness World Records.

Dr K Padmarajan with Guinness World Records certificate

Some people do not accept defeat even after repeated attempts, and this point is exactly right on Dr. K. Padmarajan. Dr. Padmarajan, resident of Salem, Tamil Nadu, walked in the field for the first time in 1988, but he did not win. But after this, his emotions did not stop. After this he continued to fall in the love of election riot and continued to lose. Dr. Padmarajan is a homeopathic practitioner which later became a businessman. Till date he lost INR 20,00000 amount in election. He only deposits the nomination with all the documents. But he did not go for any campaign. They have tried their hand from local cooperator elections to the Lok Sabha elections. Not only that, they have fought elections for the presidential race, but failed here too.

File Photo of a media coverage of Most unsuccessful candidate

He lost election from Dr Pranab Mukherjee, Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam in President election. He lost from Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dr Manmohan Singh in MP election. He lost from J Jayalalitha and M Karunanidhi in MLA election. He filed nomination from 5 states. These are home district Tamilanadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Delhi.  He contested against of 8 presidential candidates, 4 Prime Minister Candidates, 11 chief minister, 13 union ministers, 15 state ministers. He contested 51 Assembly constituencies,35 Rajya Sabha election, 28 Loka Sabha election and other elections.  

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