Utkal Pradeep, the Biographical Encyclopedia of eminent Odia- 270319

Name of the Book- Utkal Pradeep
Publisher- Palliprabha Prakashanee
Editor-in-chief – Birendra Samantaray
Associates- Dr Laxmikanta Khuntia & Jagatjyoti Samantaray
Address- Palasahi, Khordha
Telephone- 9337011010

Bhubaneswar- When anyone roaming around the book stores and search a directory or encyclopedia he/she may find various sectors like directory of writer, directory of children literature writer, directory of architecture, science encyclopedia, history encyclopedia, directory of journalist, directory of doctors, directory of educational institutions, directory of philatelists, directory of ministers, directory of museums and many more but no one find a directory or encyclopedia of a society. But now the waiting is end. You find the biographical encyclopedia of eminent Odia at Odisha. Recently launched the fourth volume of the book on last January month.

Utkal Pradeep
A to OU
Page- 519
Price- INR 550

Birendra Samantaray, retired UP school head master and children literature writer prepared the directory of eminent Odia. Utkal Deepika is a world class book of the same. He prepared the book with Odia Alphabetically. Till today he published 5 books (1st & 2nd edition of first one). The first one is started with Odia alphabet A to OU, second one is KA to THA, third one is DA to PA and the fourth one is PHA to BHA.

Till date Mr Samantaray collected more than 20,000 eminent personality’s biography for the directory. He hopes it will a great help to the society and the future generation. The Future generation of the society will know about their past through the documentary book. The book not only a directory but also a small biography or biographical encyclopedia or dictionary of many persons.

Utkal Pradeep
Volume -2
Page- 832
Price- INR 625

He collected the information and then compiles and then published in book format. All the persons those are associated with publication they know how the pain. Mr Samantaray did this book with his Pension amount and not a single pie from any other sources. This is not a compile it is a mission for the nation.

Utkal Pradeep
Volume -3
DA to PA
Page- 1020
Price- INR 1000

We find here more than 60 types of eminent personality’s identity through the book. Governor’s from Odisha, Central Ministers from Odisha, Chief Ministers of Odisha, Ministers of Odisha, Chief Justice of Odisha, Chief Secretary of Odisha, High Court judges, Lokasabha MP, Rajyasabha MP, MLA, Barristers, advocates, Engineers, Doctors, Editors, Journalists, Sports persons, Artists, Sand artists and many more. Information of the above personalities collection is not a hectic job but ideal teachers from village, village artists, small towns’ reporters, Singers, Pala Singers, Drama Artists, Poets, Short story writer’s etc information gather is not so easy. But Mr Samantaray did it.

Utkal Pradeep
Page- 1000
Price- INR 1000

Till Date for Utkal Pradeep Mr Samantaray collected information of Saint, Spiritual person, King, Jamidar, Freedom fighter, Fighter, Azad Hind solder, Saheed, MLA, MP, Ministers, IAS, IFS, Poet, Writer, Novelist, Story writer, Essayist, Drama writer, Singer, Children literature writer, Science writer, Historian, Translator, Publisher, Journalist, Editor, Teachers, Educationalist, Scientist, Researcher, Judge, Advocate, Barrister, Doctor, Engineer, Artist, Sports Person, Dancer, Dance teacher, Cine Artists, Drama Artists, Social worker, Pala Singer, Dasakathia Singer, Astrologer, Collectors, First Odia in various field, Odia NRI etc.  

Soon the other volumes will publish with the Odia alphabet MA to LA. He requested to send details of the persons those name in these letters.

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