Nice Masthead of “Dainik Bhaskar” to mark International Women’s Day- 260319

Masthead of Dainik Bhaskar on 8th March 2019

Bhubaneswar- This year Dainik Bhaskar Bathinda edition published nice Masthead on dated 8th March 2019 to mark International Women’s Day. Many individual and organization celebrated the women’s day in various ways. But Dainik Bhaskars mast head changed is a new idea to respect the Women. Dainik Bhaskar changed its 1st page mast head to Women Bhaskar.

Dainik Bhaskar- Bathinda Edition of 8th March 2019

As a newspaper collector Shashanka Sekhar Dash, the paperman of India collected the special edition from Sangrur, Punjab through his fellow collectors’ friend Harbaslal Garg. Mr Garg also collects newspapers along various other collectables.

International Women’s day celebrated every year on dated March 8 for womens rights. In the year 1975 it starts celebrated through United Nations. Before that it started by Social Party of America in 1909 on February 28. But Soviet Russsia observed it in March 8 of 1917 as a holiday.

Cine Actress Kajol as Guest Editor in 2008 at Mid Day

File Photo of Kajol at Mid Day office

Mid Day, the English daily from Mumbai deployed cine actress Kajol as the guest editor on 8th March 2008 to mark and memorable the International Women’s Day. Kajol also very much happy and enjoyed the job very good. He wrote the editorial of the same day.         

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