Naveen’s remote in Modi Hand- Rahul Gandhi- 150319

Rahul at Baragarh

Baragarh- Naveen’s remote is at Narendra Modis hand said Rahul Gandhi today at Baragarh in a Sankalpa Samabesha. Rahul targeted both Prime Minister Narendra Moidi and Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnik in his speech at Sarasara ground of Baragarh. He said Baragarh is the rice bowl of Odisha. But this place also famous for farmers suicide. So both PM and CM are equal culprit for the incident. So in coming election Baragarh as well as Odisha people will not vote both party. People will vote to congress and his party will help the general public. He also said Odisha now managed through some officers and it will drop the BJD government.

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