Threat of Iran to Pakistan- 070319

Tehran- Iran threatens to take action against the terrorism which existence in Pakistan.  Iran threats this last week at the time of violence between India and Pakistan. Iran Government and army have started actions against the Pakistan’s terrorism. Iran chief Army officer General quasen solimani asked the Pakistan’s Government, “where you go? You have started conflict with all of your neighbor’s countries and have you another neighbor country to start conflict? U has nuclear bomb and u failure to control the terrorism. Soliman told shouldn’t raise question against the Iran power and capability.

Iran and India collaboration has started against the terrorism. Foreign secretary Bijay Gokhare will visit India current week for further discussion against terrorism. Iran’s chief of foreign rule and regulation fix committee told that Iran want to build barricade at the border of Pakistan. If Pakistan don’t take any action against terrorism then Iran will take this steps.

Iran’s higher Ruler Aayatola Khamnei told Pakistan should take action against terrorism otherwise Iran will take its own action. IRGC Commando Alii Jafari told the consequence of helping to terrorism of Pakistan would be very terrible.

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