A blind business man offers 110 corers for martyred Jawans-070319

Mumbai- A Muslim businessman and a scientist have declared offers 110 corer for the martyred CRPF Jawans who lost their lives during the Pulwama terror attack. A. Hamid (44yrs) who do his business in Mumbai told this money would offer to the Prime Minister’s welfare fund. Very important thing is that Hamid was born without eyesight. After graduate from Kota Govt. College he has been doing the job at Government Research Centre. Hamid invented a machine by fuel born radiation technique which could search any vehicle carrying explosive can be detected without use of Camera and GPS.  In 2016 September he had offered to government for using it in NH, which supplied by him without cost but after 2 years 2018. October Government had adopted it. Hamid told if Government had adopted this at the same time of offers then Pulwama incident could have been stopped.

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